The First Consult

I had surgery on my bunions at the age of 19, but the surgery itself was done by the same guy who took out my appendix, and he had no special training dealing with bunions. In fact, the surgery he did was the one designed for created bunions, not congenital bunions. So, it was a relief to hear from this doctor that the surgery I’d had, “was bound to fail 100% of the time.”

Because I live in a remote area, I chose to start out at the local podiatrist. He was trying to help me manage the pain with insoles. I discussed surgery with him, but he emphasized that they don’t want to do surgery on bunions until all other alleviating mechanisms had been tried.

So I found a doctor in the closest city, 70 miles away. He is a nice guy, young, and a proponent of the Osteotomy Bunion Surgery, “when the bone at the base of the toe (the metatarsal bone) is divided and ‘displaced’ into the correct position. The bony bump is usually trimmed at the same time. The operation aims to strengthen the great toe, and narrow the forefoot. Because the operation involves dividing the bone, it has to be held in position while the bone heals together again. In the majority of cases small screws, wires or staples are used. The foot is usually protected in a special post-operative shoe during this time.”

Because of the complications with my foot, the whole thing is going to be three months without walking! He’s going to cut a chevron out of my bunion, shorten my second toe, and cut a second chevron out of the mini bunion on the right side of my right foot!

Oh my God.

Three months without walking. I don’t know if I can do this. But I kind of think I have to. He also told me that the pain at the base of my second toe might get better or worse, but bunions aren’t something that are ever going to go away.

I think I have to do it.


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