The Husband Consult

Picture: what happens to your shoes when you have bunions.

So, I should have taken my husband as well as my mom to the doctor, because when I came home and related everything the doctor had said–that I could remember–to my husband, he was not impressed. He hasn’t seen the x-rays, he didn’t hear for himself what the doctor said, and he can’t believe that he plans to rebuild my foot so completely. “It’s an engineering solution.” He thinks those are oftentimes overkill. And he can’t believe it’s going to be so long before I can walk.

He insists on a second opinion.

I don’t want one! I want to just power through my fears and just get it done. Besides, more research on the internet shows that a second opinion means driving 210 miles to the next closest city. Sigh.

But I did it. I made the appointment at Rebound Orthopedics in Portland, Oregon and arranged for my x-rays and the entire consult to be sent in preparation for my appointment at the end of June.

Husbands. Sheesh.


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