The Pre-op Process

Because I live 200 miles from the surgery center, we opted to go through most of the pre-op process at home. The doctor’s office sent a form for my local lab so I had a blood draw here yesterday, and then on Thursday I’m seeing my regular physician for an EKG.

I have also arranged for a knee scooter from a local in-home medical company, along with a set of crutches. I have considered getting the iWalk 2.0, which is a knee crutch, but it’s $150, so I haven’t yet decided if I really need it.

We moved one of the beds downstairs into our great room/kitchen, within 15 feet of a bathroom, since I won’t be able to go up and down stairs for a while. It’s way early, but my husband wanted to see what it was like and if it fit in the space. I have an old laptop desk that we use only because we have flatsurfitis, and I moved it next to the bed. When the doctor asked what I did for a living and I told him I wrote novels, he literally raised a hand a cheered. No, I’m not a mailperson 🙂

I had a book come out today, and I’ve been working like a fiend to get my book coming out on  December 11th into good enough shape that if things go horribly awry, I’ll still make the publication date.

I also ordered a backrest bed pillow because I’m envisioning spending at least two weeks in bed with my foot elevated. During that time, I’m supposed to ice it, keep it raised, and be upright only to go to the bathroom. Fun times.


2 thoughts on “The Pre-op Process

  1. Hope things are very uneventful….In healthcare/surgery, uneventful is very, very good! I am re-reading your books, so I am ready when the new one comes out in December. 🙂


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