Getting Ready

With the final addition of the knee scooter, I feel like I’m as ready for this operation as I can be . We’d already moved the bed downstairs, but last night we slept in it for the first time. I borrowed some crutches that fit me (it isn’t actually all that easy to find crutches that fit a 5′ 4″ woman), my mom brought over a walker and shower chair, and the backrest pillow came.

This particular knee scooter, by the way, is the ‘jr/small adult’ model, not to be confused with the regular one, which is quite a bit larger and able to support much more weight. I weight 130 pounds, and this scooter can take up to 250. The bigger one is clearly designed predominantly for men, as it can take up to 400 pounds. Clearly not me! It is also nearly twice as much money.

Four days to go…


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