Look! I’m smiling!

That was before the surgery, and I have occasionally smiled after too. Not at first, though. They did all the usual things-put me in a gown, got the IV going (not as bad as I feared), and prepped my leg. I spoke to both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, who went over everything that was going to happen. The surgeon warned me that he might have to cut the bone on the second toe to make it shorter, install a plate . For anesthesia, I had general plus a block that would last around 24 hours so I wouldn’t be in pain when I woke up.

The wheeled me back still conscious, and then the anesthesiologist put something in my IV to make me relax … and I remember nothing after that.

The surgery was supposed to be 2 1/2 hours, but that turned into three, not because it didn’t go well–it did!– but just that it took longer. Unfortunately, the part about waking up pain free didn’t work out, and I woke up able to move my toes (I didn’t realize at the time that I wasn’t supposed to be able to) and feeling pain in the arch and the top of my foot. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist consulted and the anesthesiologist redid the block. The next time I woke up I had both oxycodon and the block and things were much better. According the my husband, I’d told the nurse the pain was a 9 or 10. I have no memory of any of that–certainly not the second block.

All of that meant that Dan didn’t get to see me until 5 pm, and it was 6:30 before we left, basically closing down the surgery center.

Dan drove 3 hours home last night with me lying behind his seat in our camper van on the dinette that converts to a bed. I had 2 pillows to prop up my foot and lay flat. It is a huge deal to keep the foot elevated higher than my heart. When it isn’t, I have blood going to it and it hurts. I have also iced it continuously, though it is splinted and wrapped you have to wonder if it’s doing any good.

I actually dozed more comfortably in the dinette bed than on my own bed, more because we switched to taking 1 oxycodon rather than 2. I need two. I slept a few hours but not a lot.

Pain: Not unbearable. Sometimes not at all. Lots of tingling and numbness on and off. It takes half an hour for the foot to calm down everytime I go to the bathroom. Means I really shouldn’t be sitting up and adjusting things as often as I do.







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