Surgery +2

Seriously, the less said about today the better.

On the up side, I really did sleep last night. I can take the oxycodone every 4 hours, and starting at 9:15, I took the pills, slept, took the pills, slept, etc. until 9 am. Probably got close to 10 hours of sleep.

I’m having trouble getting comfortable today, though. Right at this very moment, I seem to have found a position for my foot which is bearable as long as I don’t move. It’s 2 pm, though, and the day has been a struggle dealing with the pain. I can feel the bunion, the top of the foot, and the whole bottom of the foot. Some of my shin still appears to be somewhat numb, so maybe there’s more wearing off still to do. Not looking forward to that.

Yesterday my mom brought over a neat gadget that runs cold water continuously to a pad around my foot. It’s way easier to leave on that bags of ice. I have been icing nonstop. I can’t feel it, given all the wrapping and the splint, but I figure it keeps the overall atmosphere for my foot cold. The nurse said that was okay as long as my toes didn’t get too cold, which they are not.

On the upside, one of my readers sent me this awesome Welsh Scrabble game!


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