Surgery +3 days

Today is better. It truly is. Everything is bothersome, and I woke up with my back KILLING me from lying all night in the same position, but the foot pain is better. What I feel most is the side of the foot where the bunion was. The pain isn’t far off from when I’d wear a too-tight shoe. Sometimes that’s super painful, and sometimes its simply irksome. I really, really want to sit up and do some work, but I’ve found that flat on my back with my foot elevated is by far the best way to reduce the pain. Theoretically, it ought to be okay to sit up as long as I elevate the foot above my heart. But in practice, it isn’t. At least not yet.

Also … I’ve been taking oxycodone around the clock for 4 straight days now so I might not be coherent.

The picture is a headshot I had taken recently at a recent conference. I’m on two panels at the Historical Novel Society’s annual conference in Portland, OR, and they asked for it. Fortunately, that isn’t until June!


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