Surgery +5 days

See! Smiling again! I must have been on drugs 😉

Speaking of drugs, when people tell you to do something about constipation, they aren’t kidding. I’ve been eating prunes, but today we got stool softeners in hopes they would do the trick. No movement for 6 days is no joke.

So how is day 5 post surgery? My foot hurts; I’m tired of lying on my back; I’m tired of not feeling good. On the upside, my mom brought over a foam wedge to prop me up in bed, and I wish I’d had it from the start. WAY better than pillows or that purple bed cushion.

I’m feeling nauseous this morning, and I don’t know why. Is it the pain killers? Not enough pain killers? The stool issue? Not enough food? I’ve noticed that mornings have been less fun than afternoons. Not sure why that is either.

I suppose I should address the foot pain issue, since that is what we’re all scared about. Here’s the truth: the pain in my foot isn’t that bad. If you’ve suffered through bunion pain for most of your life, what I’m experiencing isn’t any worse than a day of wearing bad shoes. It feels like it’s being squeezed, and that can hurt on and off. I am on oxycodone, so I can’t speak to what it would be like without the painkillers, but I am not ‘in pain’ most of the time. My issues have more to do with everything around the foot–pain in m back from needing to stay lying down, feeling weepy or disoriented from the drugs, stomach issues.

Yesterday was the first day I got some work done too. I’m currently editing an audiobook, and I got two chapters done, and I wrote a little bit. The latter is harder because it requires more concentration. I’m starting to feel a little better here at 10:30 am, and I think I will do some more audiobook today.


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