Day 7

As I had surgery on Monday, and this is Sunday, it is now the 7th day, and things are looking up. I don’t know if this is in part because I’ve cut back on the pain pills or just a natural progression, but I am much more functional today than yesterday. For some reason, afternoons (around 4 pm) continue to be the best time of day.

Last night, my husband counted out the oxycodone and I had 14 left, which meant that if I continued to take two every four hours, my last dose would be 24 hours later. That seemed like a bad plan, so instead of being forced to cut back by necessity, I decided to cut back by design. Since 9 pm last night, instead of taking 2 pills every 4 hours, I’m taking 1 pill every 6. Even then, I wait until I feel like I need it, which was definitely the case this last pill I took at 3 pm. That said, I felt the effect much as I had when I was taking two, but feel less dopey as well.

I had some movement this morning (ha ha) regarding the constipation, though things are far from normal. My sister, who’s a doctor, recommended that I switch to Miralax rather than the stool softener, so my husband is going to go out this afternoon and buy that.

The picture is my view of the room, with the top of my right foot sticking up from its stack of pillows. I’m sure it drives my husband crazy, but as the pain pills wear off, I start to fidget with the height, trying to get it right so that it isn’t too high, which makes me sick and lightheaded, or too low, which makes it throb.

Today I got to the bathroom all by myself. Thinking I’m going to switch to the scooter, as it feels steadier.


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