Day 9 (Surgery + 8 days)

I didn’t take any oxycodone yesterday, and that was okay–to the point that I had a shower, scootered around the house a bit, and actually sat for a few minutes in my desk chair. Last night, however, I couldn’t sleep because I could feel what I imagined to be every screw, plate, slice, and alteration to my foot. I ended up taking one 5 mg Oxycodone at 4 am. I took another 7 hours later, and the difference is huge in terms of the relief I feel. I have also resolved to return to lying in the bed on the wedge, icing, and elevating exclusively (barring trips to the bathroom).

Typically for people who’ve been bedridden for a week, it’s possible I did too much, and I’m paying the price of that. Or, 24 hours without oxy allowed it all to leave my system, and that’s too soon for this kind of foot surgery. I figure three oxycodone a day, if I can keep it to that, will really make the difference but isn’t enough to make me addicted:). It’s hard to heal when you’re in pain. And even if my foot heals the same, it’s hard to relax–or sleep! It isn’t as if the pain is a 10 either. More like a 4/5. But persistent.

The constipation is not resolved, but it isn’t as dire as it was. Mostly, I’m not hungry, and I have to force myself to eat, otherwise I get queasy and even lower energy. Looking at myself, I appear to have lost weight. Certainly, I have lost muscle in my legs. I am so looking forward to next week when I hope I can start to move more and worry less about elevating the foot all the time.


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