My New Foot

These last two weeks have been no joke. It’s been an ordeal. But I have a new foot, and as you can see from the x-ray, it’s straight! The first metatarsal is held by two pins, and the plate is where he shortened the second metatarsal so that the second toe wouldn’t stick up above the first.

Today was two weeks since the surgery, and we went in for the above x-ray, to have my stitches removed, and to cast the foot. Removing the stitches made me cry, I confess. It stung more than anything, though the cold spray that he sprayed on in advance helped a lot. The surgeon says the foot is healing well, and he was very pleased how little swollen it was. Lying in bed for the last two weeks with my foot elevated has paid off! I think that icing machine has made a difference too.

Moving forward from today, now that the foot is in a cast, I have another month of no weight bearing, but other than that, I can do whatever I want–as long as I am comfortable. I should find that as the days go by I have to keep it elevated less, but I have no restrictions on my activity, as long as I don’t walk.

We are driving home from Vancouver now, so I haven’t downloaded the rest of the pictures, but I will do that and put them up tomorrow.


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