2 1/2 Weeks

Okay, so last night was awful.

I went off the oxycontin on Monday night, which to me is a GOOD THING in every way but the fact that nighttime is hard. It isn’t pain, per se, that I’m feeling, however. It’s twitchiness, tingling in my foot, and pressure on the scars (which from the pictures you can see are considerable) from the cast, making them sting. I get these uncontrollable muscle spasms, perhaps from lack of use? The cast is too tight around my ankle and is irritating. The whole foot weighs a ton because of it. My leg is hot but my toes are cold. My back hurts from lying on it all the time, but I can’t get my foot comfortable when I lie on my side. On and on …

Bright side–the constipation is gone. I recommend not continuing to take stool softeners after stopping the Oxycontin. You won’t need it.


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