Three Weeks

My cat is 18 years old, so he thinks there’s nothing better than hanging with me all day. I’m still spending all day reclined in bed, using the wedge to lift up my head and pillows to raise up my foot.  I haven’t had any pain pills for five days, barring the aspirin they wanted me to take for blood clots. That said, last night sucked again. My foot doesn’t hurt at all right now. Why does it hurt at 11 pm?

Not much else to report. I know the foot is healing because the pain is less. The scars are more uncomfortable than anything else. The hope is that the bones are fusing together like they should so in three more weeks (!) they can take off this incredibly annoying cast. I have started to notice that the tingling when the foot falls below my heart is more pronounced now than it was a week ago. Aargh.

My husband and I went out to dinner on Friday. Saturday, we went to a couple of stores looking for a recliner (didn’t find one we wanted). By the end, we were in Wal-Mart buying Halloween candy, and my husband said, “You are really white.” I get tired so easily. Yesterday I started doing just a few crunches and leg lifts, trying to gain strength.


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