4 1/2 weeks

It’s been another week since I posted, so I must be feeling better. These days, I have progressed to mostly sitting up! Dan went and bought me a cheap recliner, so it’s been 3 days since I’ve even sat in the bed. I feel much more normal being able to sit up, though the downside is that my sciatica has returned as something I have to work around.

Yes, the cat has found a place next to me despite the change of venue 🙂

So … how are things?
Pain: none, and I really mean this quite sincerely. I take Tylenol before I go to bed to deal with the rush of blood to my foot that occurs in the process of getting to bed, but even that is better. I am no longer spending my days with my foot above my heart, which I think makes things more normal. My foot isn’t swollen either, as far as I can tell. The cast remains annoying. Occasionally it feels too tight on the sides of my foot, but not often.

Sleep: I still sleep with two pillows to elevate my foot, as that remains the most comfortable position. I can sleep on my side now, and do so for most of the night, though I tend to roll from back to side. Sleep still isn’t easy, and most mornings I wake up feeling a little sick. I am not really sure why this is the case–maybe a combination of poor sleep and low blood sugar?

‘Walking’ (or rather, scootering): Dan and I have been scootering over a mile every day for a week now. Today I felt kind of crappy all day and didn’t want to do it, but we did it anyway. My right calf is ridiculously atrophied, as is my right hamstring. Not walking for a month does that, I guess!

I have a week and a half until the cast comes off. Cannot wait!


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