Six Weeks

Today was the day the cast came off. I was super excited about it and then a little disheartened at the reality that still faces me. My calf is atrophied, as we knew it would be, my big toe is ‘stiff’ to say the least, and it is two more weeks before I can put any weight on it.

At that point, the protocol is that I spend 4 days where the most weight I put on it is 50 pounds. Then 4 days later I can do 75 pounds. Then 100 pounds. Thus, 10 weeks post surgery, I can bear my full weight (since I weigh about 125). I have an appointment four weeks from now when he will look at it again.

The good: Dr. Rust felt that the first metatarsal was healing well. The screws are in place, and he was happy with the way that was healing and was looking fuzzy on the x-ray. So yay.

The bad: He wasn’t so happy with the healing of the second metatarsal. There really wasn’t a lot going on under the plate joining the two halves of the bone he cut. I can’t see any fuzziness at all, though he said he could see a little. It wasn’t enough to put me back into a cast, nor to slow down the weight bearing protocol, but I get the sense it was a close thing.

The ugly: my foot and calf are not a pretty sight. The foot is quite swollen (from being abused, the doctor says). I need to exercise my big toe daily, pressing it down and pulling it back to get it used to moving again. Using my muscles is not enough. He did say that when I wiggled the toe for him, he could see the tendons firing, but the toe itself moves a millimeter if that.

Some other stuff going on … if I don’t eat regularly, I get queasy. I’ve never experienced this before in my life.

We spent the weekend visiting family and friends and it was all very too much. We slept in the camper van, which was a saving grace, but I haven’t had enough elevating my foot time, and it took a good hour last night for it to calm down and stop throbbing and feeling pins and needles. That sensation is much worse than it was a week ago. Of course, I’m doing far more.

That’s another thing Dr. Rust said: if I do weight bearing and my foot gets super swollen, then I know I need to back off and maybe things really aren’t right. Something to look forward to 😦

He said I will be in the walking boot for a good six weeks most likely. It’s three months from surgery to being able to wear a normal shoe. I just have to be patient.


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