Six weeks + 1 day

I was bummed yesterday about how long the recovery is going to be, but today I’m realizing how much, much better things are in the boot. A) I got to sleep without anything on my foot last night, and it was SO much better; B) I got a shower without a bag on my foot; and C) I’m sitting in my recliner with the boot open so I can wiggle my toes and rock my ankle. So yay!

One thing I didn’t see coming … my skin! Not only is my calf atrophied, but even more, the skin is like the worst peeling sunburn you’ve ever had. I put lotion on it last night, and this morning is was sluffing off everywhere. In the shower, I shaved and the skin came off in chunks in my razor. And then it continued to sluff off. Gross! We’ll see how long it takes to normalize.


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