7 1/2 Weeks

Just looking at the foot cold, or in comparison to the first picture, I have little doubt that amputation would have been the better option. Comparing it to what it looked like a few weeks ago, I have to admit that it’s healing. Slowly.

It’s still super swollen to my eyes, and you can see how red it is when I put it on the ground. This isn’t weight bearing, by the way, I just set it beside the left foot to compare them. I have three more days until I can put 50 pounds of weight about it. I actually dreamed about walking last night.

The skin is really flaking off. My daughter helped last week, spending fifteen minutes with a wet cloth wiping it down, and I rub at the skin of the parts that aren’t sensitive in the shower every morning. I do like taking a shower without a bag on my foot.

So here I sit!



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