It’s called WALKING!

8 1/2 weeks and I feel like a completely different person. Sunday night (5 days ago), it was time to try standing, putting 50 pounds of weight on my foot. My mom brought her scale over so I could try it. I was TERRIFIED! My husband can testify that I just stood there and could barely get 20 pounds. I pressed harder. 30. EEEEK! I finally managed to put 50 pounds on the foot–which with the left foot was nothing, by the way.

The next day, my husband pointed out that I’m supposed to be WALKING with the walker, not just standing. Somehow, I hadn’t understood that. And my life changed. I stopped using the scooter in the house and began walking from my chair to the bathroom and kitchen. My foot gets tingly at times, and if anything is sore it’s my big toe joint (what used to be a bunion) and my ankle. My two metatarsals (one with the two screws and the other with the plate) both seem to be fine. They don’t hurt at all to step on, and they haven’t swelled up.

Today, I started putting 75 pounds of weight on my foot while walking, but as soon as I did it I realize I was probably doing it yesterday too without meaning to. I see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂


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