Free to Roam!

Yesterday we braved the weather and drove to Vancouver to see the surgeon. Boy am I glad we did! According to my x-rays, the fusion of the first metatarsal (where the screws are) is complete! ‘Completely healed’ were, in fact, his words. Not so much the second metatarsal still, but it is better enough that I have been given permission to walk without assistance and to wear shoes.

You can clearly see in the x-rays that the second metatarsal has a gap, though it is half the size that it was a month ago. He says when you cut the bone in half like that, it takes longer to heal–but I lost the rest of the explanation–maybe because the ends are neat instead of being rough so there’s less to attach onto. I’m making it up.

Anyway, things are looking up. The tissue is still swollen and hurts most at the joint of the big toe (which used to be a bunion). I’m suppose to exercise that toe, bending it forward and back. I don’t like to because it hurts, but I’m working on it.

Walking isn’t exactly normal, and I already think I did too much this morning, but it is getting smoother. A big issue was finding the best shoes for it. I’m wearing a pair of Merrill trail runners that are too small for Dan (my husband, who has very small feet for a guy). They seem to be working okay. I have a pair of moles/clogs that seem good, along with a pair of flipflops.



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