My Foot Now

I had surgery on October 10. It is now December 26. I have been walking for a week and a half, and every day is better. My foot is looking better, now that the scabs have all fallen off. It is still visibly swollen, and when I am on it for more than a few minutes or take a shower, it is so swollen that it turns red and my toes are purple-gray. It doesn’t throb much anymore when I stand, however, which is a huge improvement.

I have walked six blocks at a time, and we are now walking outside every day. I have gone to two movies now, sitting much of the time with my foot propped up. I have gone out to dinner several times, sitting normally for up to an hour before I have to do something else. Otherwise, I still am not at my regular desk, since my foot easily grows uncomfortable if it isn’t up.

From the picture, the big toe lists off to the right still which doesn’t make me happy. I’ve got a toe separator which I wear about half the day, but once you take it out, the toe goes right back to where it was. The big toe joint looks like a bunion to me on the outside–smaller of course, but a bulge. If you look at the foot from the side, however, you can see how swollen the ball of my foot still is (and my toes, if you compare the right foot to the left), so I’m hoping it becomes less prominent over time.

In the picture, I am also not putting full weight on it. The surgeon told me to walk in stiff and supportive shoes, so I’m avoiding going barefoot, presumably so not to walk without a supportive arch for the bones that are still healing.



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